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YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge "

YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge offers a huge collection of VIPs to Greece for any taste. Our company specializes in elite tourism. We'll be happy to find something special, inexorable and fabulous for you. We'll make sure that your dreams of a perfect vacation come true. By choosing a tour in Greece, you get the opportunity to visit one of the world ' s most vivid nations, touch the great history, enjoy the architecture, enjoy new emotions and knowledge.

For you, we're going to search for a tour, a comfortable flight from Kiev, a transferr, a living in luxury apartments on the country's best resorts. Individual travels to Greece we form based on the wishes and preferences of our clients. On the basis of requests, we are giving you the best suggestions.

In order to buy a tour in Greece, you need to provide us with your foreign passports, information with wishes, dates, preferences, and the desired budget. All the other questions we're taking on tour to Greece. You don't have to look for resorts, hotels, reads, look at millions of pictures and commentaries on the Internet. We'll save your time, and we'll get you some really best options. We only work with the tour operators checked, we know all the best locations. The risk of frustration is eliminated. Over the years of work in the field of elite tourism, we have learned to feel and guess customers.

The tourists from Ukraine love to travel to Greece, because the rest of the country is a year round. Tour prices from Kiev are generated individually, depending on the resort chosen, the duration of the tour, the additional services, the flight.

If you want to know the cost of a trip to Greece on certain dates, we'll be happy to see you in the guests at our cozy office in Kiev. Also, you can always contact us on the phone or leave an application on the website. Our managers will advise you on any interesting issues, select options, help determine your choice.

Tour in Greece is a caleidoscope of unforgettable impressions, a luxury rest in the heart of the loving atmosphere. There are net waves, olive groves, architecture.

Monuments and many interesting legends and historical facts. For real censors of history and ancient Greek mythology, there is a large number of fascinating tours and tour guides.

For our clients, we have prepared a lot of winning VIP travel proposals.

Unforgotten rest in Greece

Greece is a magnificent, painting country of myths and legends. Every year, millions of tourists come here from all over the world to enjoy a unique atmosphere.

The multi-dimensional tour of Greece is turning. tourists always have the right to choose: to seize or to dive into the epistent of dramatic events, to rest on the mainland or on the island, to megapolis or to the seaside.

Tour prices in Greece are based on the prestige of the selected resort. One of the most popular, luxury, expensive places is the Terma Silly (Evbeya Island). There are rich and famous, stars and politicians, successful and secure tourists from all over the world. It's not just a beautiful landscape, fabulous apartments, infrastructure and services of the highest level. The mainstay of this place is the radon sources, which have a positive impact on health and are well restored. If you want to be in this unique place, it's better to book the dates in advance.

By ordering travel from Ukraine or any other country, we recommend that you draw attention to the cruise tours in Greece, which will enable you to enjoy the beauty of the Sharonic Gulf and the landscapes of the Aegean Sea, visit Pirai, Santorini, Crit, Rodos, Mikonos and other unique places in Greece.

As you travel to Greece, you can be sure you won't have to miss one minute. You're expected to have great beaches, fascinating tours, great virtues, a huge range of entertainment programmes, nightclubs, shops, fascinating shopping, delicious Mediterranean kitchens and radiant, hospitality Greeks that will provide the highest level of service.

Unique recreational features in Greece

  • Rest in Greece is so multidimensional and coloriten that it will fit in love couples, noisy companies, families with children. In short, people of all ages, preferences and temperaments.
  • Possibility of combining beach rest, recreational entertainment, guided tours and travel.
  • Possibility of buying unique souvenirs at acceptable prices: high-quality olive oil in attractive processing, jewelry, clothing, sweetness, accessories.
  • Nice national kitchen. You will be struck by the variety of dishes and treats, the beating of fruit, vegetables, seafood.
  • Nice Mediterranean climate.
  • Lifetime rhythm is full and slow. Greece is the perfect place for those who wish to rest from the crazy dynamic and fuss of megapolis.
  • The Greeks are considered to be one of the world's most clean. Every year, the European Community awards them the Blue Flag.
  • Greek Legendar resorts:

    • The saloniki. Cultural capital of Greece. Perfect place for those who wish to be in the epicenter of bright and loaded events. They're waiting for you to live festivals, loud music, nights, unforgettable shows, new dating. Also, you can visit the fascinating tour, touching the historic events that took place on this land many years ago.
    • Rodos. This island is famous around the world, thanks to its simplic beaches and historic sites, luxury resorts and the beauty of nature with beautiful flowers and basic forests. This place is filled with legends, myths, special aura of ancientity. Rodos is the largest island of Dodecanes archipelago.
    • Crit. The biggest island of Greece. Crit is called the island of contrasts. Here, you will be struck by a unique landscape where the plains are replaced by mountains and the coastline is a luxury green. On this island, the windy cities are hanging out with calm woods. The rest on Crete will have to be showered by both young, active people who love a vicious night and tourists who prefer peace, privacy and inspiration.
    • Delphi. It's a nice place for diggers, historical discoveries, sights. If you want to penetrate the energies of ancient civilizations, deepen in the ancient history of Greece, you should definitely be in these parts. The ancient Greeks thought Delphi was the center of the earth.
    • Athens. Athens are considered a cradle of Western civilization. It's one of the most.
    ancient cities. It is in the view of historians that democracy was born. The city has brought together the best of the past centuries and the privilege of the modern world. The past and the future have become one. The main features of this place are Acropold, Parfenon, Ancient Agora and the Dionys theatre.
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