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San Remo

Holidays in San Remo

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San Remo is the most stunning resort of the Liguri coast that attracts tourists from all over the world. The course is presented by palms, numerous boutiques, fleets, tropical gardens, luxury casinos, and a holiday atmosphere.

How are the tours in San Remo?

San Remo is often called the city of festivals and flowers. There's a good flower industry, and the city itself drowns in aromatic oranges. It's a town that doesn't sleep, where tourists always steal and celebrate.

The heart of the city is La Pinja, a quarter of cozy pieces, which is rightly considered the main artery of San Remo. There are many well-equipped beaches, hotels and tourist centres on the resort, which provide excellent recreational opportunities.

The Church of Christ of the Saviour, which is also called the Russian Church, is the main virtue of the city. The sanctuary is decorated by stone slaughter and insulated, an exhibition of Orthodox icons is under way and a bell is located nearby.

Rest in San Remo will give a lot of impressions and positive emotions that can inspire many years.

The city ' s Visit Card is the famous city casino built in 1905. Nobel and Hanbury villas, the Botanical Garden and the City Museum are popular to visit.

Tours in San Remo are the greatness of the Navy Alps and the green blue sea landscapes, an atmosphere that is propelled by fun and capable of giving the most incredible impressions and emotions.

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