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Holidays in Kashkasha

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The Portuguese beach resort, Kaskaish, is considered to be one of the most popular in the country, as well as the favorite place of rest of the royal family. One day there was a small fisherman who turned into a popular resort with a railway and electricity.

The whole Kashkaish coastline is busy with great beaches, the largest of them is Guigño. Reberia and Torré are also popular. The rest of the Kaskaish is marked by the fact that there are always large waves here, which creates great conditions for the surf. All restaurants, entertainments and major resort hotels are concentrated along the beach.

Tours in Cathys 2016 - what do you see?

The city of Kashkaish is composed of quiet life-sized pieces along which there were low houses with pretty slaughtered balconies and traditional turtle roofs. The city's rich in historical buildings, cathedrals and churches.

On the rock next to the city, we can find the fort of the 17th century, which has recently been re-established and converted into a modern hotel. The castle of aristocrat belonging to a prominent family is also an interesting target in the city. Today, the castle houses a museum and surrounds its vice landscape park with fountains, monuments and alleys.

It would be interesting to visit the church of Spain during the holiday in Kashkaish, but it was not only an interesting architectural monument, but it also offered to meet the work of the artist Joseph de Obidos. There's also a Marine Museum in the city to meet the marine inhabitants and the history of the city. There are old fishing boats in the museum.

What do you want to do on vacation in Katskaish?

The resort offers excellent opportunities for surf and various water sports, there are always good waves (the greatest extremes on Guigio beach). You'll find a lot of restaurants and bars, small stores.

The Marine Club offers a variety of entertainment guests, including diving, fishing, paraplane flights and parachute jumps. Tours in Kashkaish from Ukraine will also like natural beauty, near the city, there is a cave of the gate of Ada, located in a huge scalist cliff. Not far away.

An inspection site where you can see the city's panic and sea.

There are many shopping centers, stores and markets in the city. You can buy everything your soul wants here. A rich man in Kashkaisha and a nightly life, you can find nightclubs and sports bars on the coast, offering not only interesting leisure but also excellent food.

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