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Holidays in Levi

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Levi is a magnificent resort that is located in western Laplandia and has already been recognized three times as the country ' s best mining resort. He reminds me of a cozy alpine village with a well-developed infrastructure. Levi is the only resort in Finland that can boast the gondol canat road and international moisture champions.

What are the attractions to Levi from Ukraine?

Levi is interested in both professional skis and starters. There's a great mining school where experienced instructors work. Sports with an average level of training will be interested in the 11 G2, the group of Thirteen Tras as well as the area of the fifth and sixth tracks. There are more than 600 kilometres of snow on the resort and more than 230 kilometres of flat skiing.

All necessary equipment can be rented and four additional lifts are provided for the convenience of children and ski starters in the centre of the city. In addition, there is a special children ' s town in the open air, where it is possible to participate in various sports competitions.

Rest to Levi is a red winter journey that will have to be showered by all family members.

The resort has a first-class sports and health complex and a mini- park, and many cozy restaurants and bars, wine cellars and souvenir shops are also operating. The major entertainment centre of Julu-Poro-Aren regularly has prominent music groups.

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