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In a long time, Portu had two separate cities in Portus and Calus, the second largest city in Portugal and the main financial and economic centre in that part of the country. It is located in the northern part of the country on the two banks of the Doru River. The city of Portu is full of charm and beauty, and here you will meet the pretty narrow slopes, the vice arches, and the old ships that have once transported the wine are on the coast.

The city ' s most famous produce is portwein, wine named after the city. The vineyards that extend to mountain slopes begin immediately outside the city. There are grapes and wine-producing more than 60 companies that can visit the tour and, of course, the tasting.

Tours in Portu from Ukraine - what do you see?

In Portu, you will find a lot of nice pieces and old structures, unique mosaic and ancient churches. The city ' s most interesting and oldest church is the Cafederal Cell (12th century), which used to serve as a fortress to hide from the attacks of the thieves. Today, it's very beautiful, it's an amazing vivid glass, amazing fresca and a unique silver altar.

At least the Clorigush Tower will be interesting to visit, with a viewing site at the top. In addition, the real works of the architecture represent the buildings of Birgia, the city of Ratushi and the Bishop Palace.

There's no way to retrieve in Port without a walk across the river built on the Eiffel engineering project. Bridge connects the city to Vila Nova-di-Gai. In town, you will find the oldest botanical garden of the country, which was founded in 1772. Here you will find the richest collection of rare plants and trees.

When you're on vacation in Port, you're gonna have to visit the old vineyards and the cellar where the wine was stored. Besides, there are many interesting museums and galleries in the city. An interesting place for a walk would be a small bookshop called Lello Irmão, where there were episodes of Harry Potter movies. In planning the tour in Port, don't forget to visit a unique museum of trams and a vice shore town.

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