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Mont Saint-Michel

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According to the legend, abbatism built on a granular rock separated from dry water during sea tidals was founded in the seventh century by the Bishop of the city of Awransha on the village of Archangel Mikhail. An island built by monks for several centuries now represents the true preserve of the Middle Ages. It's been a long time since the abbey was the center of the pilgrimage of monks who wanted to spend the rest of their lives in a holy place. But today, his magical attraction, which attracts millions of tourists coming here from all over the world to see this miracle east.

There's the tallest, about 9 meters, sea tidal of the European continent. For the most fortress on the rock, only boats can be reached during the tides. The water comes at 20 kilometers per hour! You can go dry in the tidal without your feet.

Mon-Sen-Michel represents a wide range of restaurants, ranging from gastronomical to small coffee restaurants.

The oil, the peanuts, the cheese and apples are the main hastronomical gifts of Noranda villages. Camber, livaro and ponds are given to most of the meals. Many dishes are prepared in Norwegian sauce (a la normande).

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