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Six Senses Residences CourchevelFrance, Courchevel

Six Senses Residences Courchevel


Six Senses SPA Courchevel


La Croisette


Ski Concierge

Hotel description

Hotel Six Senses Residences Courchevel It's in the heart of the famous elite Kurschevel 1850, the loving place of the royals, the bastion, the stars of world music and the movies, and of course the big businessmen. The great hotel buildings that have been built in the traditional style of the Alpine village are harmoniously integrated into the incredibly beautiful mountain landscapes of this glamorous place.

The unbelievable and comfortable hotel is one of the places where Rest in France Turns into an unforgettable winter story. Six Senses Rezidens Kurschevel will surprise his luxury of apartments and residences, which have been built by well-known designers, as well as their excellent snow slopes, rapid skiings, Alpami flights, modern Spa-salon and Fitness Centres, dog walks and other family proposals.

Accommodation at Six Senses Residences Courchevel

Residences and apartments of different categories are available for comfortable accommodation. Each of the premises is equipped with a bathroom with showers, toilet facilities, a phenomenon, satellite television, an Ipad-audio system equipped with kitchen, coffee shop, washing machine, safe, natural matttresses, and a wireless Internet.

Rooms overview

The hotel is located in the area of the popular mining zone of Tri Valley, in the heart of the resort Kurschevel 1850. The road from Geneva and Lyon airports takes two hours and 30 minutes, and from Shambury airport it takes one and a half hours. Transfers are also available on helicopters from the above airports to the helicopter landing site Kurshevel♪ In addition, a private aircraft can reach the Altiport Courchevel resort airport, where it expects a transfer from the hotel to be delivered.

Amateurs of betrothing, rehabilitating, curing and cosmetics will have to shower a great salon. Six Senses SPA Courchevel where the guests are accessible by 5 procedural offices, a roofed basin with a recreational zone, a jux bar, a jakuzi, a sauna, a steam bath, a gym, a fitness studio and a commercial area with a wide range of body care products.

Hotel guests are available: mining sports, snoubbing and alpine, La Croisette master lift, Ski Concierge special service, as well as fascinating air sprays, amazing helicopter flights over the Alps, fascinating snows, horsebacks

Besides, there's a way to go to the gym, to do the fitness and yoga.

There's a large, hidden pool in the hotel with water heating.

The hotel is located Club Lounge, where, in a pleasant and calm atmosphere, guests can enjoy light breakfast, a wide variety of snacks and drinks.

In addition, there are several stunning restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the hotel: Les 3 BO, L’Arbe-Courchevel, LesEtoiles 1850, Le P’tit Drink, and pizza La Grandea Pizza and the bakery au Pain D’Antan Gandy 1850.

  • Daily room cleaning;
  • Consular services;
  • Nanny services;
  • Transfer;
  • Laundry;
  • Cleaning;
  • SPA Centre;
  • Breakfast at Club Lounge;
  • Large consierge and ski house;
  • Free transfer to Kurschevel;
  • Possibility of house animals.

For those who celebrate the wedding anniversary, the honeymoon or just romantic rest, there is a proposal from the hotel. Romance Getaway, that will help to enjoy the wonderful moments of each other's society.

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