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Poland, headed by the capital of Warsaw, is a modern, developed European State, which can brag about the flushing forests, the luxury seas, sand dunes, the tentone castles, painting lakes, mountain ranges, natural reserves and large numbers of atmospheric cities. In addition, there are well-equipped mining resorts, which are well-equipped for sizeable family vacations in a complex with a great kitchen and a dedicated service.

What are the attractions to Poland from Ukraine?

Poland can be proud of the great culinary traditions. Special attention should be paid to meals such as bugs, bigs and flasks. And the most popular drink is the gentle, hot scent wine with buckles.

In Velić, we should visit the Museum of the Medieval Solar Mine, in Vorclav, the Raclavic Panorama, and in Krakow, the Museum of the Chartory and Royal Castle on Vavel. The city of Ljulin is known as the Museum Castle, and Mikolayki is a former constellation, the White People ' s Park and the Bedzhan Bolots. Finding Poles is the most convenient thing on the car, getting into the atmosphere of a new colony town every day.

The tourists also use the Orli Gate Road, a route on the Krakow-Chancetokhov Highness in the Oytsov People ' s Park, the underground Great Halls, where the magnificent balls and the castle of the Krestonians in Malbourg.

Rest in Poland is a fascinating tour of the country ' s rich cultural and historical heritage.

Poland is rightly considered a country of costells, the highest mountains in the Carpathian chain, the beautiful Baltic coast, the major virgin forests, and the magnificent castles and palaces, which store many legends and mysteries.
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